• What is Furmark? •

Certification and Global Traceability

Furmark®: the international label for sustainable natural fur.

Furmark® is the comprehensive global certification and traceability system for natural fur that guarantees animal welfare and environmental standards. 

Furmark®, which will be applied throughout the supply chain and with Furmark® products available to consumers from 2021, is a simple and recognisable mark of quality, assurance and trust.


Traceable, verified and guaranteed

Furmark® environmental and animal welfare programmes are science-based, third-party certified and transparent.

Furmark® products are traceable, verified and guaranteed to have met recognised standards.


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• Certification programmes •

North American Farm-Raised Fur

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North American Wild Fur

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Dressers & Dyers



Complementing the range of animal welfare and environmental sustainability programmes, the ChainPoint traceability system for consumers is fundamental to Furmark®.



Globally recognised standards

Natural fur is highly regulated at international, national, regional and local levels: the certification system ensures that production meets strict, globally recognised standards.

Furmark® has been developed in collaboration with major fashion groups: it is a collective effort between the fur industry, brands and consumers.


What is Furcycle?

The first labelling system for natural second-hand fur. It certifies fur items that are 20 years old or older, identified as “vintage fur”, as well as “second-hand fur” items that are at least 3 years old.

Each piece carrying the label undergoes a meticulous inspection process by a certified professional furrier, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

When tracked on the ‘Trace now‘ platform, the label can provide information on the type of leather used, its origin, the manufacturer, the place of manufacture and an estimate of the year it was made.

Why Furcycle?

The second-hand luxury market and conscious consumption is booming and so the “FURCYCLE” label was born to authenticate second-hand fur garments.   


The International Fur Federation (IFF) has just launched a new label to support the use of vintage and used fur. The label, called “FURCYCLE“, comes a year after ‘Furmark’ was launched for all new fur items.


Will the transformations be certified?


When any of these second-hand products are subsequently repaired, cleaned or remodelled, the action can be recorded in a digital maintenance record that allows consumers to know the full origin, history and transformation of their garment.

The professional assessment carried out to obtain the Furcycle label provides consumers with a certificate of reliable provenance as well as the maintenance record of their purchased product.

Furcycle Furmark